Transformation of former UWV office building to dwellings

The mix of functions and scale in the environment of the building is translated into the design of the transformation of the building. A new concrete framework is placed over the building and refers to the existing raw building and the scale of the large (industrial) buildings in the area. In this framework, the individual homes with their subtle detailing and human scale are visible. This means that the building is being transformed from an office building into a stacked city with unique homes.

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House on a House

In the Bomenbuurt; a 1930’s neighbourhood in The Hague located between the centre of The Hague and the beach, the founder of Bloot Architecture designed and helped build a roof extension for his family on top of their existing apartment.

Herbestemming Prinsesbeatrixstraat 15 in Hengelo

Forest House

On top of an existing 1950s holiday home, hidden in the forest, a sculptural, compact and sustainable rooftop extension climbs out of the original structure and seeks it’s way towards the great vista over the open grassland enclosed by the forest


East West House

In the East West house, different worlds come together in rich pallet of materials and textures. The new heart of the house has formed under the large skylight in the extension of the house. The absence of a clear function for this space enriches the design.

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Bloot Architecture Architecture office BNA

Bloot Architecture, a The Hague based architectural office, was founded in 2010 by architect Tjeerd Bloothoofd (1982). With great pleasure and dedication, we are constantly looking for the concept and the language of form that unites the function, context, topicality and wishes of the client in an exciting, sustainable and integral design that appeals to the development of self-awareness and the freedom of choice of life.

Designs that stimulate and invite different forms of use

House on a House

In de Bomenbuurt; een jaren 30 buurt in Den Haag gelegen tussen het centrum van Den Haag en het strand, heeft de oprichter van Bloot Architecture voor zijn gezin een dakopbouw bovenop hun bestaande appartement ontworpen.

House on a House

Pit House

In the Vogelwijk in The Hague, a so-called Dutch ‘Tuinwijk’, a dilapidated brick corner house from 1929 has been completely renovated and extended with a sitting pit.

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