Podium Cromvlietpark

The public stage is located in the heart of the recently completed city park in The Hague; Cromvliet Park, which was designed by Bureau Sant en Co. The city park is located in The Hague's Molenwijk in Laak, a district characterized by a large number of different nationalities and low incomes. Partly due to initiatives such as this new city park, the neighborhood is revitalized.






Bloot Architecture in collaboration with Nederhout


Gemeente Den Haag


Bloot Architecture


Van Kessel Sport en Cultuurtechniek bv


Mulklé Metaal

A multifunctional public Stage

The municipality of The Hague presented us the task of creating a podium. A central place for neighborhood events. We wanted the stage to be covered, so that it could be used in all weather conditions. Just like with a classical music kiosk. In addition, we wanted to make the stage a place that can be used in different ways and where you can explore for yourself. As a rule, not many events will take place, so to make the podium more than a folly or shelter from the rain, the stage has become climbable. This allows the stage to function as a viewing platform at the same time. The large stair steps shape the design and provide seating with an ever-changing view of the park.

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Tussen de beeldbepalende bomen van het park
The design is a fusion of a classical music kiosk, which can be found on many village squares and in city parks, and a climbable viewing platform

A central place in the park

The stage nestles between the iconic trees of the park. The design is a fusion of a climbable viewing platform and a classical music kiosk, as you often see on village squares and in city parks. The stage spirals around a tree (which has yet to be planted by the municipality of The Hague) and the route ends in the treetops of the Cromvlietpark. The podium serves as a central meeting point, a covered place for events, a seating element and a viewing platform. The form language of the design goes along with the round island-like shapes of the park design.


The stage spirals towards an overview of the park


The design is made up of a fully demountable steel construction. The floor is finished with a rubber granulate against slipping. The rubber granulate is also found in other parts of the park. The balustrade is made of untreated oak parts. The floor of the stage consists of a number of large stepping stones made of polished concrete. The stainless steel handrails, one for the children and one for the adults, create a direct relationship with the stainless steel football cage. The palette of steel, concrete and wood works well with the materials used and the greenery in the park.

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