Forest House

On top of an existing 1950s holiday home, hidden in the forest, a sculptural, compact and sustainable rooftop extension climbs out of the original structure and seeks it’s way towards the great vista over the open grassland enclosed by the forest.








Jeroen Musch



Secluded treehouse

The extension is situated within the leaves and feels like a secluded tree house. The design fits the restrictions stated by the municipality concerning maximum height and sloping roofs.

Hanging stairs in the existing living room provides access towards the new compact extension. The exterior and interior of the extension are tailor fit designed for the functions and usage. The beds and storage space are built-in so no further furniture will be needed. The rooftop extension offers space for two bedrooms and a landing with a wash table, which provides access towards the existing roof. The existing roof was already frequently being used as a secret place to enjoy the setting sun and the flora and fauna.

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Treehouse feel
A Bedroom with a Treehouse feel

Sustainable and Autarkic

The existing house is refurbished in a sustainable way based on full autarky. A new off-grid solar system provides in energy. A woodstove provides in warmth and wastewater is filtered by a halophyte filter. The rooftop extension is almost entirely constructed out of timber, with flax insulation and all facades and roofing are covered with untreated Larch cladding.

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Landing with wash table

Hanging Stairs

Folow the light towards the extension in the treetops

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Master Bedroom

Wake up in the morning and see the deer walking by

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Master Bedroom in the treetops
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